A Weekend with Thaddeus Russell in New Orleans

(Featuring Kmele Foster and Brett Veinotte)

Friday, May 11 – Sunday May 13, 2018

New Orleans, LA


Friday, May 11 (French Quarter and Marigny)

  • 5:00 pm - VIP Walking Tour: The Renegade Roots of New Orleans
  • 6:30 pm - VIP Happy Hour and Dinner with Thad and Brett Veinotte
  • 9:00 pm - VIP Lounge with Thad and Brett

Saturday, May 12 (The Old Firehouse, 720 Mandeville St)

  • 9:00am - Coffee, meet and greet

Race: The History of an Idea

  • 10:00am - Lecture & Discussion - "The Origins of Race Thinking"
  • 11:15am - Lecture & Discussion - "From Scientific Racism to Racial Liberalism"
  • 12:30pm - Lunch break
  • 2:00pm -  Discussion with Kmele Foster - "Against Race"
  • 3:30pm - Discussion Sections
  • 5:00pm - Happy Hour

Sunday, May 13 (The Old Firehouse, 720 Mandeville St)

    • 9:00 Coffee, meet and greet

    Blood and Freedom: A New Global History of America and the World

    • 10:00am - Lecture & Discussion - "'Empire of Liberty': The Imperialism of the American Revolution and the Civil War"
    • 11:15am - Lecture & Discussion - "The Virus: American Popular Culture in the World, 1900-2018"
    • 12:30pm - Lunch break
    • 2:00pm - Discussion with Heidi Matthews - "The International Politics of Sex"
    • 3:30pm - Discussion Sections
    • 5:00pm - Unregistered Anniversary/School Sucks Live Podcast; audience interviews

    $199 Weekend Attendance (May 12-13)

    All Saturday and Sunday Events: Discussions on history, philosophy, politics, psychology, current events, and life skills. Plus, a live recording of a joint Unregistered/School Sucks podcast, featuring audience interviews. (35 TICKETS AVAILABLE)

    $349 VIP (May 11-13) 

    Full access to all Saturday and Sunday Events PLUS a walking tour of New Orleans guided by Thad, and drinks, dinner, and an after-dinner lounge with Thad and Brett on Friday night. (12 TICKETS AVAILABLE)

    Location of Saturday and Sunday program: The Old Firehouse, 720 Mandeville St, New Orleans, LA 70117