It's time for a revolution in higher education. It's time for a renegade university.

For the past twenty years I have been a professor at elite colleges and universities. I've written books and articles that challenge conventional academic ideas about the history, politics, and culture of the United States. I've always loved teaching and research and writing but I've hated everything else about academia.

I've found that colleges, which claim to be places where students and teachers are free to talk about ideas, are actually anti-intellectual. There’s no real debate in colleges, since almost all faculty and most students agree on the big issues, and those who don’t agree are often silenced. I know this from personal experience because I've been told that some of my ideas have no place in the academy.

With the costs of college rising higher and higher and the quality of classroom experiences remaining dissatisfying for most students, a growing number of people are questioning the value of a college degree.

There’s a movement to change higher education, but it’s just beginning. People are starting to educate themselves outside the formal academic environment. They’re finding new sources of information and new venues to have real exchanges of ideas. They know that there’s more debate in four minutes on Twitter than in four years in college classrooms. Many of them want to replace the current system of higher education with something freer, where the courage to voice unpopular ideas is rewarded, not punished.

I know a revolution in higher education is coming. I want to be a part of it.

So I’m starting a new kind of college.

For a fraction of the price of tuition, anyone with a curiosity about past events and big ideas can be a student at Renegade University.

In online lectures and interactive seminars, and in face-to-face classes in cities across the country, you will learn things about history and politics I promise you’ve never heard before. You’ll see the most sacred ideas challenged fiercely, from radically different perspectives. And you’ll be encouraged to do what many college students aren't allowed to do – think differently.

Renegade University will offer courses on the history of the United States, the history of American foreign policy and the global diffusion of American popular cultures, the history of political ideas, and current events. We’ll also feature courses that are devoted entirely to having the smartest people from different schools of thought debate each other directly – something you won't see in a college classroom.

If you want to learn entirely new ways of thinking about history and politics, have your ideas challenged and sharpened, and be treated like a free thinker, please join me. Sign on to the mailing list in the form below so that I can send you updates on the launch of Renegade University. Let the revolution begin!